Keeping radiation safe

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Radiation Shielding Design

Radiation Shielding Calculations and Design

Safe radiation shielding is essential for Occupational Health and Safety. Shielding is important not only to meet legal requirements, but to protect the health of your workers, clients and neighbours. We will work with you, your architect and builders to create safe installations and fit out including Nuclear Medicine. Please forward your plans for a free assesment and quotation!

We can assist you with our experience and qualified knowledge to optimize radiation exposure in your practice, so doses are kept As Low As Reasonably Achievable. The savings that we can achieve can be utilised in other areas of your operations, to improve clinical outcomes.

Other Services

  • Radiation Management and Protection Plans: Development of your Standard Operating Procedures for control of your radiation sources is now a regulated requirement. Diagnostic Radiation Services can assist you in creating the necessary documentation.
  • RANZCR Accreditation Services: In particular mammography apparatus and staff MQAP training
  • Radiation Dose Calculations: Exposure to staff and patients quantified and documented
  • Government Licensing Liaison

Regulatory Compliance Certification

  • Dental X-Ray including OPG & Cone Beam CT
  • General Diagnostic X-Ray
  • Fluoroscopic and Interventional X-Ray
  • Mobile Image Intensifiers
  • Mammography
  • CT Scanners
  • DEXA
  • Industrial and Security X-Ray
  • Radiation Shielding, Premises and Places